Circle K Refillable Cold and Hot Cups

Circle K Refillable Cold and Hot Cups

Circle K offers a range of refillable travel cups that save the environment while saving you money.

The travel cup I purchased from a local Circle K has lasted me through several hundred miles of travel through a few cities, and still has its handle a few months later. For only $5.99, this travel cup is a bargain, it looks like a similar cup sold at Starbucks for a few dollars more, and is just as sturdy. Made by Mugs Made Easy, this is a pretty good find, I was surprised that this metal-reinforced plastic cup lasted as long as it has.

Most of the Circle K shops in Florida sell hot travel mugs for $4.99 (small), $5.99 (medium), and $6.99 (large) – the shop I visited today had run out of their stock of travel coffee cups with a handle, they’d sold out. For those who prefer soda pop or iced slush drinks, there are insulated cold cups for sale. The ones at Circle K for those who prefer the Circle K Thirst Buster or the Circle K Thirst Freezer. The price range for the cold insulated drink cups is $5.99 for the 44 ounce mega-cup, $3.99 for the medium cup with a handle, and $3.49 for the 20 ounce cup that appears to be best suited for a Thirst Freezer.

The point to this is that the travel cup can be used for cool water as well as for a hot beverage. Sometimes, I’ll just go to a shop, and just get water, being careful not to give in to the temptation to sample something else, or touch the dispenser with my cup. This helps keep prices down, I guess, and it enables me to get out of the shop before finishing my drink in that flimsy paper or plastic cup from the shop, too.

The Circle K hot beverage travel cup line is inexpensive elegance, the coffee cups look like fine coffee shop travel cups that costs more than they do. The hot or cold beverage travel cups look great for commuters, and may hold drinks from home, office or a store.

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